The Wellbeing Box

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Everything you need for some good old-fashioned self care, all in one box!

We have curated our Wellbeing Box by putting together a collection of essential items to promote relaxation and positive mental health. Each product has been hand-selected by our founder to make relaxation an immersive experience that engages all of your senses. Staying true to our mission of making self care as easy as possible, our Wellbeing Box contains everything you need for a cosy night in. When we say "Neriyas & Chill", we mean it. 

The Wellbeing Box includes:

- 1 x limited edition version of our *Rose Garden candle

- 1 x mini Rose & Lavender Bath Salts

- 1 x mini Coconut Milk Bath

- 2 x T2 "Sleep Tight" relaxation tea bags

- 2 x *Japanese Rose incense sticks

- 1 x pack of *Self Care Prompt Cards 


** items marked with a "*" are available exclusively as part of the Wellbeing Box


Sleep Tight Tea: lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms, rose petals

Lavender & Rose Bath Salts: epsom salts, lavender buds, rose petals

Coconut Milk Bath: coconut milk extract (dairy free), oats (gluten free), magnesium sulphate, glucose syrup, natural cavamax 6.