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Orion is available in one size:   30cl

Our Orion candles are a mood-inspired range, designed to transport you beyond the world of everyday life and into an idyllic realm. Each fragrance is a luxury custom blend inspired by our favourite nature hideaways.

Rose Garden: If this candle were called by any other name, would it smell as sweet? Why yes, Juliet it would. Fill your home with the fragrance of freshly  cut flowers. Our Rose Garden candle smells as beautiful as a bouquet of roses and gardenias (and lasts a bit longer too!)

Oud: Said to be the most expensive wood in the world, its rich, woody scent is instantly recognizable.  Burn this candle in your home to provide a calming atmosphere and boost mental clarity.

Lily of the Valley: Inject a surge of optimism into your day with our delightfully fresh, dew-drenched fragrance layered with light floral notes and the punchy scent of freshly crushed green leaves.

Hocus Pocus: Conjure up a magical delight with our mystical concoction of grapefruit, sugared berries and nutty praline.

High Grade: This slightly spicy, almost floral and undeniably comforting aroma of cannabis plant is the home fragrance you never knew you needed. And one that once you have tried it, will not be able to live with out. This fragrance has a deep and penetrating beauty that is sure to lift your mood fill your house with calm and tranquil vibes (without any of the downsides).

Burn time 30+ hours