Coconut Milk Bath Powder

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Bathe like a Pharaoh. The Kings & Queens of Egypt were no strangers to luxury - and what was good enough for them, is good enough for you!

The Deets:

Our soothing (vegan) milk bath will transport you to the royal realm of the gods! Relaxation: check! Luxury: Check! Not to mention that one dip is all it takes to leave your skin silky soft!

This calming concoction contains magnesium rich epsom salts, which is known to aid muscle relaxation and promote healthy sleep. 

Naturally occurring lactic acid in the coconut milk gently exfoliates and brightens the skin and can fade dark marks (sun spots, etc.) over time.

Oats contain saponins - which are natural cleansers. They are also a great natural exfoliant.

How To Use: Sprinkle as much as you fancy into a freshly warm bath. Then slide in and relax.

Size: 400ml

Ingredients: Coconut milk extract (dairy free, preservative free, GMO free) Oats (gluten free) Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) glucose syrup, natural cavamax 6.